Greetings to my fellow Civic League members and residents of Cavalier Manor. We continue to represent your best interest whenever the opportunity presents. We also employ you to attend our regular meetings and become members. We solicit your thoughts and ideas as we attempt to create a safer, better community for us all. 


We recently received an inquiry from a developer wanting to build more apartments on the Bonnavilla site. We remain in opposition to apartments, even mixed apartments and single homes.  We prefer and will fight to maintain single homes only on that site.

The final phase of Rec Field improvements are still in progress.

Completion of the Concession Building.

-Momentum continues to build with our "Eco District" project with the city and across the area and country. We will be needing volunteers to help. Please contact us if you are interested in getting involved.

We prayerfully pay tribute to two of our faithful, long time officers who have passed recently.  Joe Wright and Jack Hawkins were dedicated to our league and PCR.  They will be truly missed.

I must continue to reiterate the importance of starting first in our own community.  Please consider being a member of our Civic League and support your community. If time constraints limit your ability to attend meetings, you can still be counted via your membership dues.

We need your support. We need to hear from you. We especially need our younger residents to get involved!!
Please don’t hesitate to call me if you need assistance
(mobile -757-621-1279).  We want to hear from you.

       Ray A. Smith, Sr.
I must respectfully write that these (certain) notes are my personal opinions and do not necessary reflect or represent the Civic League's or P.C.R.'s views.