Greetings to my fellow Civic League members and residents of Cavalier Manor.  As we continue to deal with coronavirus, we are hopeful now before the end of 2021, things will be moving back to normal.  We pray that everyone will be willing to take the vaccines. We should depend on our governor and the medical experts to guide us.


We lift the families up in prayer that loss love ones. Please pray for a national healing. We must work together to eliminate the hate that continues to divide us. The racism that raises it's ugly head among whites and blacks, one against another unnecessarily. We have to live and work together to remove and get past the stains of hatred that still exist after so many years of fighting for freedom. Our city will not thrive unless we pull together to rid ourselves of pettiness and power tripping. Hopefully we can come together, all citizens, regardless of race, creed, religion, political affiliations, before we self destruct. 

President Biden and his administration can make a difference.  Next up in Virginia is the race for governor.  We have a lot of work to do locally to bring all the citizens of our city together as one.  The love of Christ has to abound in us all if we expect to be successful as a united community and city.



As always, we continue to solicit your attendance and participation. We will be contacted by developers on projects that will effect our community.  PLEASE STAY TUNED!! 

We will be holding Zoom meetings to get our league back together. Dues can be mailed to our post office box.

Please consider being a member of our Civic League and support your community. If time constraints limit your ability to attend meetings, you can still be counted via your membership dues.

​We need your support. We need to hear from you.  FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR UPDATES ON THE RETURN OF MEETINGS AND THE CASINO PROJECT UPDATES.  We especially need our younger residents to get involved!!
Please don’t hesitate to call me if you need assistance or
have questions. (mobile -757-621-1279). 
We want to hear from you.

       Ray A. Smith, Sr.
I must respectfully write that these (certain) notes are my personal opinions and do not necessary reflect or represent the Civic League's or P.C.R.'s views.