Greetings to my fellow Civic League members and residents of Cavalier Manor.  Major tragedy has struck our nation, state and communities with the onslaught of the coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic. Whether you are aware or not, some residents of our community have been directly affected, and recovered, while others are continuing to fight this dreadful disease.

We lift these families up in prayer.  I believe all things happen for reasons.  Unfortunately we can't explain why.  We are still in God's hands.  We must be patience, understanding caring and most of all cautious. We should practice social distancing, wearing mask and washing our hands as much as possible.

Governor Ralph Northam has done a commendable job in handling this situation. I wish I could say the same for the President. This is real and we have a long ways out of the woods.

There needs to be thousands and thousands more testing done before we can get back to normal.

2020 elections of 5 School Board members and 4 City Council members will be forthcoming, we pray.  And the Lord knows we definitely need to see the election of a U.S. President.  Change is going to come!! 


And coming our way in November will be a referendum for the casino. The developer "Rush Street" has already began visiting our community


The final phase of Rec Field improvements are still in progress.

completion of the Concession Building

-Momentum continues to build with our "Eco District" project with the city and across the area and country. We will be needing volunteers to help. Please contact us if you are interested in getting involved (Gary Harris has reached out to many in our

community for volunteers); thank you!!!! 

As always, we continue to solicit your attendance and participation. We are already been contacted by developers in reference to the above--mentioned projects.  AND STAY TUNED FOR PHONE POLLS IN REFERENCE TO THE CASINO. MEETINGS WILL RESTART WHEN THE RESTRICTIONS ARE LIFTED!! PLEASE STAY TUNED!!

Please consider being a member of our Civic League and support your community. If time constraints limit your ability to attend meetings, you can still be counted via your membership dues.

​We need your support. We need to hear from you. We especially need our younger residents to get involved!!
Please don’t hesitate to call me if you need assistance or
have questions. (mobile -757-621-1279). 
We want to hear from you.

       Ray A. Smith, Sr.
I must respectfully write that these (certain) notes are my personal opinions and do not necessary reflect or represent the Civic League's or P.C.R.'s views.