Greetings to my fellow Civic League members and residents of Cavalier Manor. Time continues to rapidly move along. The year

2020 will bring so many opportunities for your participation in local and National politics.  We made so many major gains in 2019 enabling African-Americans to take up major legislative committee chairmanships in the General Assembly. Power has shifted total "Blue" in Richmond. 

Coming in 2020, the election of 5 School Board members and 4 City Council members will usher in opportunities for change.  We

also elect a U.S. President.  Change is definitely needed up there!   The President is seriously out of control!! 


Plans are on track for major developments in our area for Victory 

Village and the old Bonnavilla site (We remain in opposition to multi-family projects)  We prefer and will fight to maintain single homes only on that site.

The final phase of Rec Field improvements are still in progress.

Completion of the Concession Building

-Momentum continues to build with our "Eco District" project with the city and across the area and country. We will be needing volunteers to help. Please contact us if you are interested in getting involved (Gary Harris has reached out to many in our

community for volunteers); thank you!!!! 

We continue to solicit your attendance and participation. We have

already been contacted by developers in reference to the above--

mentioned projects.  Meetings and presentations will be   scheduled. PLEASE STAY TUNED!!

Please consider being a member of our Civic League and support your community. If time constraints limit your ability to attend meetings, you can still be counted via your membership dues.

​We need your support. We need to hear from you. We especially need our younger residents to get involved!!
Please don’t hesitate to call me if you need assistance or
have questions. (mobile -757-621-1279). 
We want to hear from you.

       Ray A. Smith, Sr.
I must respectfully write that these (certain) notes are my personal opinions and do not necessary reflect or represent the Civic League's or P.C.R.'s views.